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Help Minority Groups to start local small businesses

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

We have a long-standing commitment to helping local farmers, especially partners in ethnic minority areas, learn to improve their skills and get rid of poverty.

Mr. Li, a farmer from this ethnic minority, is of the Yao ethnic group. Due to historical reasons, many of the local ethnic minorities used to be illiterate and semi-illiterate, and they have lived in mountainous areas for generations, with inconvenient transportation, resulting in poverty.

This farmer, with the support of our star anise oil suppliers a few years ago (with start-up funds), supported him to become an oil collector in his village, helped him understand the processing of star anise oil, and served as a bridge between us and the farmers, passing on beneficial market information to both sides. At the same time, crude oil was collected from the oil farmers and given to us.

At present, he lives in a new house with modern facilities ( eg: Cable TV, Internet etc) , with an annual income of 70,000-80,000 yuan, and his child is about to enter the university, and the living standards have improved significantly. At the same time, he is also encouraging more people to cooperate with us and participate in the cultivation and processing of star anise oil to get rid of poverty and get rich together.


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