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We are committed to being a leading supplier of natural essential oil raw materials in China and globally and making a continuous contribution to the community, the country and the world in terms of environmental protection and sustainable development.

Metrics and Goals


What We Do for sustainability ?

Promote the concept of the development of environmental protection in the company.

Provide employee benefits ensuring that employees can work and live healthily and safely.

Provide employees with sustainability training


Respect Nature

We choose to respect the original ecological environment and grow natural essential oil raw materials in order to provide customers with safe and quality products and services.


Carbon Emissions

The company and factories are under constant improvement and use environmental-friendly equipment.

The company uses clean energy in the factories.

Newly set equipment to help achieve better performance in emission control.


Waste Management

The company and its factories use waste residue for research and development


Community Impact

The company has responsible sourcing programs for certain communities.

The company has a community development fund for training and grants.

The company fosters awareness and actions for protecting nature and its biodiversity.

Sustainability & Our Promise

We pledge to always put the community first. That means being leaders in environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Purong works with people and partnerships as the relevant platforms for supporting its global goals for sustainable development

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